My daughter and I love to be outdoors and have always enjoyed those activities only found outside; fishing, hunting, camping, etc. We've always taken along our Labs on every outdoor excursion we've been on. They are a huge part of our lives. 

My first lab, as a child, was Lex, an English-Style Chocolate Lab, with his blocky head, broad chest and otter tail. When he passed away, we came to know Ellie, an American-Style Silver Lab. For more information on English and American Style Labs, click here. We automatically thought she was beautiful, with her sleek, silver coat, but fell in love with her drive for hunting. Her coat color was a result of a dilute gene found in Labrador Retrievers. Although the AKC acknowledges dilute coated Labradors as pure bred, they currently only allow them to be register under the "breed standard" colors of Black, Chocolate, and Yellow. They are just labs with "a coat of a different color". 

Our family has grown to four Silver Labs now. We have Ellie ("Belle's Silver Ray of Elegance"), Ellie's daughter by Creekside Kennel's Silver Hills White Buffalo, Lola ("Silver King Lab's First Lady of Liberty"), Lex ("Silver King Lab's Commander-in-Chief") and Gracie Girl which is off of Ellie and Cash.

All of our dogs are AKC Registered, Ellie, Lola and Lex are OFA certified and as Gracie Girl becomes age appropriate, she will be OFA certified as well. Lola and Lex are in training to start in AKC Hunt Tests come this fall and Gracie Girl is only a puppy (12 Weeks as of 3/10/2018).