Reserving Your Puppy & Costs:

It is always good to keep in mind that when looking for the perfect puppy for your family or the perfect puppy to become an excellent hunting partner, you may need to wait for that litter to be born. A careful and thoughtful breeder does not have puppies available at all times and a good labrador puppy is WORTH THE WAIT. If you are willing to settle for just any puppy, that is what you will get.. any puppy.

If you are ready to place your deposit to reserve your puppy we do require a $250.00 deposit to be placed on our waiting list, because our deposits are refundable, please understand that if you want your deposit back and change your mind later and want to be placed back on the waiting list, you will be placed at the end instead of back where you were before.

Since the deposit is refundable, but it will be your responsibility to check with us to see when your puppy is born. If you have any questions or want to contact us directly please feel free to contact us 

PLEASE NOTE: Most breeders do not refund deposits, we do. We understand that litter numbers and genders can not be predicted and changes happen. We want to be flexible with our buyers because we know that finding that right puppy is important.

Be sure to visit our "Contact Us" tab to reserve your puppy today or just to ask us questions!