Jake Turberville  5 starI love my pup Drago, he is such a great addition to the family. Luke and Laura were absolutely amazing during this process; I was always updated on the progress of the puppies and the day they were born I was in constant contact with Luke. These guys are very knowledgeable and only want their puppies to go to kind and loving people! Thank you!
Heidi Venters — Getting Gracie from Silver King Labs has been the most wonderful experience...
We just love her and has so enjoyed all the follow up with Luke and Laura.... we feel like we are all family now!
Larry A Draughn Jr. —I have always wanted a Silver Lab....After doing months of research I had a friend turn me to Silver King Labs didn't no what to expect... After getting in contact with Luke and learning about how he operated and how much research he had put into his dogs compared to others that I had talked with I knew that this was the place I would get my dog from... They care more about their dog then you could imagine...Plus they are extremely patriotic and care about their Military. When I explained to them that I had been injured over seas in Afghanistan, they wasted no time to help me out... I explained to them that I was looking for a dog that I could us for a service dog and a hunting dog as well and with no hesitation they promised me they would have the dog for me... So when the pups were here he sent me pics of the dogs every chance he got and started weeding them put for me based on personality... And when he sent me the pic of willow which is my dog I knew she was perfect... This dog is extremely smart and will be headed to the trainers for hunting in a few weeks..I have never seen a dog that picks up on things so fast... I also wanted a dog the could go from working to a family dog that has a switch and this dog has all that... So Thank you Silver King for helping me find my Companion...


 ~ C. Carr of Spanish Fort, Alabama.

"I received a beautiful lab from Luke and Laura a couple of months back…She, Lucy, is a beautiful animal!! Wonderful temperament and is great with my children…I just got this dog out of my bed at night a few weeks back... My wife has fallen in love with it and kisses it in the mouth to this day!! HA!! Lucy has the body of a male Lab which I love. She has a fuller head than most female labs and if you saw her at first glance, one would think she is a male… We are very proud of her and would recommend these animals to anyone looking for the perfect Lab… A+in my book!!!"       


~ R. Lewis and B. Lewis from Saraland, Alabama.

"Noah was the newest addition to our family on Christmas Eve. He was a sweet, smart, healthy puppy. Not only has he grown into aterrific family dog, he's kind, good natured and takes most things in stride. He is steady tempered, friendly with everyone and peaceful with other animals. Noah is a large, bouncy, enthusiastic dog. He thrives on exercise and activities, especially involving water. Aside from swimming, bath time is definitely happy time! He has a short, easy maintanence coat and shedding is light. He is very easy to please and responds well to training. I've always heard that labs are bad about chewing. I've found if you give them a good chew toy and attention, chewing will not be a problem. Noah is DEFINITELY just a big kid and we LOVE HIM!"


~J. Allen from Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"We received Cooper from Luke and Laura when he was 6 weeks old and he was around 10 lbs of adorable puppy. Today Cooper is almost 6 months and about 55 lbs of adorable puppy. Cooper has filled out well and has shown remarkable intelligence already. Training is going well and he's shaping up to be one heck of a duck dog. We couldn't be happier with our puppy. Thanks Guys!"



"We have been SO blessed by this amazing dog. She is more then we ever hoped she would be. We picked the fattest girl of the litter, knowing she was fat for a reason, little did we know she would grow up to fill our hearts as she has. She now comes with me to work everyday, she comforts my patients and distracts them when they ...are in pain. We are working on her therapy dog training, we would like to take her to the "All Children's Hospital" which is an hour up the road from us.

She is full of life, non stop entertainment, a character from morning to night. I have worked a lot with her on obedience and training, all of which she picked up super fast and delights her self in pleasing my wife and I. She is extremely intelligent and it does not take long for her to figure out what she is supposed to do. I have had her off leash since she was 6 months old, and she only continues to amaze me as she learns more and more. I run with her daily, she swims all the time, and when it is time for her to sit and be still at the office it is not an issue. She becomes another animal around children, she knows immediately to be more calm and she always manages to pick out the child who is afraid of dogs or the special needs child. She regains their trust and comforts so many people.

I could write a small book on how precious this dog is to us and how grateful we are to have her. She will be turning one year old on the 5th of October, it has flown by, but I know that we have many more years to enjoy our new best friend. We love with all our hearts our Tikkie"

~Matt S., Florida